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Stockholm-an after thought that created memories

Last year, I visited Finland with a goal to see the Northern Lights. However, considering that Aurora Borealis siting is rather rare-I had kept my return from Northern Finland a little open ended.

Luck had it that I saw northern lights within 20 minutes of beginning the hunt for the Northern Lights and I was lucky enough to cut short my stay at beautiful and very expensive Ivalo to plan a visit to a new place. I toyed with the idea of visiting Poland, Riga, Minsk, etc.  But, finally I decided-‘ok let me go to Stockholm’.


Stockholm city centre

And I am so glad that I chose Stockholm.

I took a Finnair flight with multiple stopovers from Ivalo to Stockholm and landed at the Arlanda Airport. From there a train called Arlanda Express took me straight to the Stockholm City Centre.

I was staying at Generator Hostel very close to the central station. With my backpack, I walked to the hostel, checked into my very clean room which was essentially a bed in the dormitory.


In my hostel room! 


A rather clean and cosy bed at Generator Hostel in Stockholm


My hostel reception. There was no kitchen in this hostel but the food and beverages were reasonably priced. 

Stockholm was cold and windy. Yet so beautiful!!

I thought there was absolutely no need to buy a city pass as the whole city was walk-able. And that’s what I did, walked through the city over the next few days.


Discovered Gamla Stan like this on my first night in the city


When I went to eat after strolling for most of the evening i realised that the restaurants had closed! 

Gamla Stan is charming but the restaurants here shut pretty early. Most restaurants at Gamla Stan take their last orders by 8:45 to 9 pm. I learnt my lesson and had to sleep hungry and foolish on Day 1 itself!!

But general stores such as ‘7 Eleven’ and Burger Kings of the world were life savers.


A beautiful cafe where I had my breakfast! 

And the best part about the trip was that I had a great roommate. He knew the city inside out and had visited it many times in the past. I ended up walking to the Stockholm Palace, Vasa Museum, the market place, the town hall etc. with my roommate.


Walked through the whole city! 





This massive blue gate that leads to a green space close to Vasa Museum! 



Vasa ship that capsized and sank in Stockholm 1628


Near Town Hall


Gamla Stan, the Old Town, is one of the largest and best preserved medieval city centers in Europe


The cherry on the cake was that he had a spare pass to ‘The Cure’ Concert –front row at the Stockholm Arena. That was a memory to cherish. And all thanks to Sokratis Zor’s friend for not turning up to the concert! I could witness the band play from one arm distance and couldn’t have expected a better weekend in this city.


Queue outside Stockholm Arena to get in for ‘The Cure’ concert. Well, we had a better entry and shorter queue 🙂 


‘The Cure’ from the front few rows! 


The huge concert place


With my hostel roommate Sokratis! 

Days went by in a wink at Stockholm and final day was left for some shopping at H&M, casual walk by the windy seaside and long slow early dinner with music at Gamla Stan. This after thought of a visit truly gave me a lot of memories to take back home.


Was lucky to witness ‘The Change of Guard’ at Stockholm Palace


Stood through the entire ceremony which takes place at 1 pm! 


Inside the palace, the Swedish constitution is on the table here! 


It is one of the most beautiful palaces I have seen.  It is said to be one of the largest palaces in Europe! The Royal Palace is the official residence of His Majesty the King of Sweden and has over 600 rooms!! 


I also discovered chokladbollar or Swedish chocolate balls, during this trip to Stockholm