In images-why should you definitely take a winter break and visit Gulmarg?

I visited beautiful Gulmarg on new year’s eve and stayed there for a couple of days after new year. It was beautiful, peaceful and with very few tourists around. I got a good deal on flights and hotels while I stayed there and got utmost hospitality and attendance of the locals at restaurants, shops and hotels. But the most beautiful part about Gulmarg around that time was what I saw-with snow and without it too. And it was breathtaking. Here are a few moments captured through my mobile phone camera.

unnamed (2)

Bukhara in my room at Hotel Nedous. Landed here with high fever and visited the local hospital the next day for a swift recovery. 


Inside a Gondola, all the way to the top

unnamed (1)

View from the top, after a short trek post the Gondola ride


In the hotel backyard, while taking a short walk


Most on the tourists explore Gulmarg on a pony like this one. I preferred walking and would end up walking at least 10-12 km each day.  


Freezing at -3 degrees while I stepped out on the terrace at The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa. This is the most sought after hotel to stay in at Gulmarg (slightly over priced) 


Last sunset of 2016 was beautiful indeed! 


And the sun finally hides behind the mountains! 


Frozen river captured on one of the long walks

unnamed (4)

First run of 2017 and then some yoga! 


From scantily snow-clad land to land and rooftops completely hidden under snow! Complete change in scene within 12 hours! 


And snowfall continues


View from my hotel room


roads and trees covered in snow


Long road trips suddenly become very endearing! 


Isn’t it gorgeous or what? 

1 thought on “In images-why should you definitely take a winter break and visit Gulmarg?

  1. Parvathy

    Amazing place Gulmarg !!! Though I have been to Ladakh and Leh and Sikkim and the others, Gulmarg never even crossed my mind as being so beautiful. A very beautiful post


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