Street art in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

I was supposed to head to Langkawi from Singapore but then a friend who had visited Penang told me about the Street Art in Georgetown. The minute I hear street art, eyes closed I rush towards that place and open them up to the work of artists who paint the boring looking walls of normal looking streets into something beautiful.

To begin with, streets of Penang are anything but boring looking. Throw in some street art, you have a feast for your eyes!!!



In the fishing Village



I took a Tiger Air fight from Singapore to reach Penang, Malaysia and booked myself into a hotel close to Georgetown and ventured out to see the streets.

I was staying just for a night in Penang. From here, I headed to my beach resort in Langkawi.

Expect the unexpected

I was not really sure of what to expect in terms of the street art in Georgetown, but I was open to surprises.

I put my sport shoes on as the map promised a long walk. Just then a local told me about taking a cycle-rickshaw. I was thrilled by the idea.

Be prepared to bargain hard and stage a  walk out with the rickshaw guys!!

The added benefit of taking a cycle-rickshaw is that the rider who is a local can be your guide. Although those riding the cycle rickshaw barely speak English, you just need their help in spotting the art as most of it is hidden. Hence, broken English works!!


Taking a cycle rickshaw would be smart if you have a short stay in Penang


Taken from the cycle rickshaw, through the streets of Georgetown

What’s the fuss about? 

Georgetown is protected as a UNESCO Heritage site. There are different artists that have contributed to the street art of Georgetown. But the most prominent among these artists is Lithunian Ernest Zacharevic.  Zacharevic was commissioned by the Penang Municipal Council in 2012 to create a street art project in Georgetown. This project consisted of painting several large murals in different parts of the old town.

Now, let’s see what the art looks like…


This was the first painting I stumbled upon.



‘Reaching Up’ You will almost miss this as the boy from far and the speeding rickshaw looks real


Two children riding an actual bike



Boy on the bike!


You will find people standing in a queue to take pictures with the disused motorbike


‘A giant girl lifting herself’. This painting is really huge and I love the way in which windows are used in this one.



This is ‘I Want Bao! mural which is next to Ming Xiang Tai pastry shop’



‘Love Me Like Your Fortune Cat’



Blue kitten just next to the fortune cat


You can’t miss this huge cat for sure! She didn’t like my hair so much



This one is by Australian artist Vexta. Is it hair or branches?



My rickshaw guy was hungry it seems!!! 🙂



This one is a part of 101 Lost Kittens project. ‘The Real Bruce Lee Would Never Do This’ is what it is called. There are 3 cats in this picture, one can be seen, two have faded!



Please don’t eat me!!

These are some of the pieces of work that I loved clicking. There are many more to see. There are many artworks besides the ones listed here. I along with my ‘rickshaw guide’ tried our best to find as many as we could. If you have more do let me know. Some of the murals are already fading. Hence, do visit quickly before you miss out on the beauty!!!

Beyond Street Art…

Georgetown is a beautiful town to take a stroll in. The locals are lovely and helpful and the food is to die for. Here is leaving you with some more pictures.


Local souvenirs


Cycle through the old town!!





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