17 types of people you encounter during a Marathon

I love observing people and I am always at it even when I am running a marathon. Yes, I am always excited and nervous about a race. But, I am also excited to meet a lot of people on the route, during a race, well, sometimes not. You like it or not, you will definitely meet one of these characters during a race. I have listed them into 17 different types. One may have a list longer than this. So, on your mats, go!!!

17 types of people you encounter during a race:

  1. The Storyteller– when I began running…..my nutrition plan, my future race—–zzzzzzz ‘my last race’, ‘the race before that’………ZZZZZZZZ (wake me up when it’s all over!!!!!!!)    9TzoGz48c
  2. The conversation striker: ‘Is this your first race?’ (like seriously, you can come up with a better line than that)
  3. The coach: you should drink this before the race, you should tie your laces like this, you should put powder in your t-shirt (Race se pehele kyon nahi mila??????)
  4. The finding faults in every thing : ‘not enough Enerzal points, there is a water station at every 1 km only (abhi pani se naha kar, Enerzal se moisturize karoge kya mere bhai?) oh, wait for it ‘The race started exactly 5 seconds later- this is crap, bad organisation!!!!!!’ (bhaaag lo) shouting
  5. The one who thinks your are the organizer: Do you know the route? Is there a turn here? What is there for breakfast? Where is the finish line? Is it going to be exact 21 km or more or less? Where is the next aid station? Where is the loo? ‘(ek raat pehele booklet, kyon nahi padhi, meri ammma?- PACE BADHAO)
  6. The one who wants to tell the answer (speak about his knowledge) through a question: What is your VO2 MAX? What is your resting heart-rate? What is your pulse? What pace is this? (Don’t worry if you don’t know, he/she will tell you)
  7. The selfie expert: at start, with you, ahead of you, everywhere, they just never stop taking the selfie. (smile and move) toonvectors-18087-140
  8. The gossip monger– ‘do you know….haaaawww and do you know ‘ooohhhh’
  9. The flatterer: you form-waaah (arey!!!! but, I am dying), your shorts, your breathing style, oooooohhhh (race course se seedhe, I have reached atop World Towers!!!!!)
  10. Disapproving of everything  you do types: This one is finding fault in everything that you do: ‘Your stride, your shoulders, your hand, your leg!’ (Seriously, my mother will be more optimistic about me than this guy)
  11. The excessively competitive: His/ her race depends on your pace. Chutney test: if this person is running next to you during a race, try increasing the pace, he/ she will follow the same, then go easy-there!!! your test is successful.
  12. The excessively patriotic: Having an Indian flag at the finish line or on the jersey at every event, whether it is Republic/ Independence Day or not.’ Has loud music and songs such as ‘kandho se miltein hain kandhe’ playing right next to you, yes on speaker. (Thane marathon hain dude, aur hum India mein hi hain! Relax.) patriot
  13. The enthu cutlet: If this person is running next to you, then you better have ear plugs or at least cotton in your ears. As this type will cheer for everyone on the route. The sweetest of the kind, actually and the nicest to run next to. But you don’t want to get deaf during your long run. 6ip6RzLAT
  14. The speed-breaker: A person who wants to run ahead of you for a few seconds but will come to an abrupt stop right in front of you, not just hampering his or her pace, but yours too.
  15. The popular one: He/ She has a cheer at every step he/she takes, sometimes runner next to you will cheer right in your ears for this runner. Their hands are always in the air too, obviously acknowledging the shouts from the crowd.
  16. The happy go lucky: doesn’t care about who has organized the race, or about the route, distance, time, pace, nothing rocks his boat. ‘We are too cool for this’. The focus is straight ‘Omlette and beer post run’ throw in some wada pav too.  eating-spaghetti-clip-art-black-and-white-boy-eating-spaghetti-image-P3UKSh-clipart
  17. The winner: Who doesn’t indulge in any of these luxuries of meeting interesting people on the route and is straight seen on the podium.  big-prize-clip-art-gallery-ObEr4Z-clipart






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