17 reasons why I will come back to Cannes again

Why do I love Cannes over and over again?

I have visited Cannes on multiple occasions for work and each time I visit, I fall in love with this place.

It is small and charming. It is an ideal place to let your hair down and take a dip in that Mediterranean sea. The water is superbly azure.

Yes, it was brought into spotlight for Cannes Film Festival but even the gorgeous celebs and movie stars can steal Cannes’ thunder when it comes to beauty


Here are my 17 reasons why I will come back to Cannes again:


  1. I love to stroll up the winding cobbled streets of Le Suquet to see the castle, the Notre-Dame de l’Esperance church. This is also the place where you get spectacular view of the city.
  2. It has an amazing seafront which is your Promenade De la Croisette where one can run/ walk in the morning. I would go running each day or sometimes night. Also, long evening walks at Promenade de la croisette are extremely addictive.
  3. Inviting water front to take a dip. In Cannes there is someone always swimming at the sea in the day. Cannes has both public and private beaches-the latter belonging to the luxury hotels, although many allow non-residents access these for a fee.
  4. Cannes houses one of my favorite Seafood restaurant Chez Astoux or Astoux et Brun as it is known.
  5. If you are staying at Cannes Centre, then the Cannes train station is a few mins away from your hotel
  6. Nice airport is not too far and there are convenient airport buses that one can take to travel to this place.  If you have a little bit more cash handy then you can afford the convenience of a cab. It would cost you approx 100 Euros (or more if you have luggage).
  7. Rue d’antibes at Cannes has a neat line of shops. It houses brands such as Mango Zara, United Colours of Benetton, Undiz, Sephora, Mac, etc. If you want to splurge a bit more then there is always an array of shops off the promenade and you can choose from brands such as Dior to Armani.
  8. In case you want to be in a little quieter place than the nosier Cannescentre then La Bocca is a short walk away by the seaside.
  9. The quaint Lérins Islands are a few minutes away by boat.  It is a quieter alternative. Iles de Lérins are made up of twin islands Saint-Honorat which is home to a monastery and castle, and the much larger Sainte-Marguerite. The sea water here is crystal clear.
  10. Delicious French desserts at various bake shops are to die for. My favourite- Laduree
  11. Le Suquet is a beautiful narrow lane full of awesome local places to shop and really old restaurants to eat at. Along with this there are dozens of charming little bistros along Rue Saint Antoine.
  12. The posh towns of Monte Carlo and Saint Tropez are just a ferry ride or a train ride away from Cannes.  I would recommend a boat tour that goes from Cannes to Monaco or Saint Tropez. You will see the entire coastline and it’s only a 45-50-minute ride. You can spend the  whole day there.  The boat typically leaves Cannes around9:30 am or 10 am and pick you up at Monaco/ Saint Tropez around 4 pm/ 4:30 pm.
  13. All through Cannes one is spoilt for choice when it comes to food. There are plenty of options to eat from posh to cheap.
  14. The people here are way too friendly as compared to the rest of France(and yes, a bit less rude)
  15. If you go to this place at right time of the year when the celebrities arrive you might be brushing shoulders with a few of them while walking down the streets.
  16. Go to the fancy dinners. But don’t miss the Gutter Bar, at the end of the Croisette.
  17. Grasse, a place where there are perfumeries is just a short train ride away from Cannes Station. There is also an Antibes to visit which as about a quick 10 min train ride away.

Clear water and watermelon ice-cream


Just a few minutes by boat from Cannes, Sainte-Marguerite Island is a must visit


Plenty of eateries


Macroons at Laduree on Rue de antibes


Neatly lined boats captured during morning run


La Piazza serves fresh delicious Pizzas


walling up Le Suquet



Relishing the Delicious See food at Astoux in Cannes


View of Le vieux port cannes


Escargot at Chez Astoux


View from the top


View from opposite the Palais

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